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2019 Activities

Throughout February, Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists (India)

Undertook its ‘Skin Safar Rath’ Campaign to raise awareness about skin hygiene and diseases across India, with a focus on leprosy and vitiligo. This included public seminars, press conferences and a multi-media campaign. 


6 April, Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists (India)

Observed World Skin Health Day by raising awareness about the dangers of topical steroid misuse as part of its National Campaign, which included public seminars, press conferences and a multi-media campaign. 


1 – 4 May, German Dermatological Society (Germany)

Ran a stand at their annual congress to raise awareness about humanitarian dermatology with a focus on case studies in Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Tanzania.


11 May, Society of Dermatologists, Venereologists, and Leprologists of Nepal (Nepal)

Under the banner of World Skin Health Day, the SODVELON hosted rallies across Nepal to raise awareness about the importance of skin health for all.


13 – 17 May, Swiss Society for Dermatology and Venereology (Switzerland)

In association with EUROMELAM, held various activities, including screening clinics, a multimedia campaign and educational stands, across Switzerland to help treat and raise awareness about skin cancer. 


25 May, Canadian Dermatology Association (Canada)

Recognised World Skin Health Day by issuing a press release on the importance of skin health and hosting a skin cancer screening event in Vancouver, British Columbia, where local dermatologists and dermatology residents screened members of the community, answered questions and distributed sunscreen and educational materials.


25 May, Chinese Society of Dermatology (China)

Skin Care Day included the departments of dermatology from more than 1,000 hospitals, where over 2,000 dermatologists treated more than 20,000 patients across China. This event also included public seminars and a multi-media campaign on skin health.


27 May – 1 June, Georgian Association of Photodermatology and Skin Cancer (Georgia)

Hosted screening clinics, public lectures and distributed leaflets and posters on the dangers of skin cancer and the importance of sun protection in three major cities (Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Gori). They also ran a multi-media campaign about spotting the early signs of skin cancer and the importance of sun protection in association with the Pan-European campaign against skin cancer and melanoma - Euromelanoma.

1 June, Nigerian Association of Dermatologists (Nigeria)

Marked World Skin Health Day with a national campaign highlighting the dangers of skin bleaching/toning and the importance of sun protection. The campaign was disseminated across radio, television and social media channels. Public seminars and talks were also held at various hospitals, student campuses and marketplaces across Nigeria.

Throughout July and November, Philippine Dermatological Society (Philippines)

Holding Skin Health and Eczema Fairs across the Philippines, which will include lectures, skin consultations and educational booths on common dermatological conditions.

17 – 24 July, Maltese Association of Dermatology and Venereology (Malta) 

Launched their Beat The Burn Campaign, in collaboration with the Malta Medical Students’ Association, which raises awareness about the dangers associated with overexposure to the sun and the importance of proper sun protection through peer led workshops for children and young adults.  

29 August, Association of Dermatovenereologists of Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan)

Provided free consultations, distributed educational material (brochures, leaflets and pamphlets) on common conditions in Central Asia as well as sun screen and moisturising cream. There were also public workshops on how to perform self-examinations, what to look for, how to protect and care for the skin.

30 September, Italian Society of Dermatology (Italy)

Hosted a CME training course on atopic dermatitis and skin cancer.

11 October, Society of Dermatovenereologists, Dermatocosmetologists and Leprologists of Kazakhstan  (Kazakhstan)

Providing free consultations and skin checks for patients across several cities in Kazakhstan. This event will primarily focus on Leprosy and will include a flash mob to raise awareness about World Skin Health Day.

14 October, Australasian College of Dermatologists (Australia)

Developing a report in collaboration with dermatology patient support groups who represent patients with a range of skin conditions. These include eczema, psoriasis, gorlin syndrome, vitiligo, allergy and anaphylaxis, epidermolysis bullosa, melanoma & alopecia. 

29 October, Brazilian Society of Dermatology (Brazil)

Undertaking a wide range of activities, including a multimedia campaign, skin consultations and workshops, to help raise awareness and treat psoriasis across Brazil, particularly amongst under-served communities.  

1 November, Dermatology Nurses' Association (United States of America)

Produced a flyer on healthy skin as part of World Skin Health Day, which will be shared with member societies, affiliate organisations and healthcare providers across the United States.

23 November, Dermatological Society of Singapore (Singapore)

Hosting public workshops on skin health and care as well as offering free consultations and skin checks for the elderly. 

December, British Association of Dermatologists (United Kingdom)

Preparing an article on patient engagement in dermatology, highlighting the role of the patient in research, which will be shared on social media to engage international audiences on the work of the journal and promote the role of the patient in dermatology.