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2023 Activities

23- 26 Jan, Gamal Abdel Nasser University of Conakry, in partnership with Clinique Dermatologique, will provide free skin checks and follow-up treatment to low-resource communities in Guinea to mark World Skin Health Day. They will also host free workshops on a wide range of skin health issues during their online conference, open to healthcare professionals and students.

17 – 18 February, the International Society for Research and Education on Congenital and Acquired Skin Diseases to raise awareness and treat skin cancers and lymphomas will undertake a two-day outreach clinic where patients receive free skin checks. They will also distribute flyers, posters and leaflets on skin cancer prevention and launch a social media campaign. During their annual general meeting, the society will train dermatologists and frontline healthcare professionals on how to raise awareness about skin cancer among patients and the public.  


Date TBC, the Philippine Dermatological Society, will undertake medical missions across the Philippines to celebrate its 70th Anniversary and in honour of World Skin Health Day. Through this initiative, they hope to treat 70,000 patients from underserved and low-resource communities.


Date TBC, the South Pacific Dermatology Society supported by the Australasian College of Dermatologists, will mark World Skin Health Day by hosting dermatological workshops for medical residents, nurses and general practitioners during its first annual meeting, held online with participants from Australia and Fiji, and presentations by guest lecturers on dermatology research conducted in Fiji.

Date TBC, the Cambodian In-Country Support Project, will undertake a multimedia campaign about skin health. In conjunction with this, they will provide free skin consultations and treatments, including distributing medicine.


Date TBC, the Dutch Association of Dermatology and Venereology, will host an exhibition documenting leprosy's health and psychosocial burden through photographic images and organise a symposium on leprosy's social and financial impact and other skin diseases in Indonesia.

Date TBC, the Nigerian Association of Dermatologists, will involve participants from their virtual training programme to talk about Skin NTDs on radio or television in their respective states. They will also undertake skin health outreach programmes in rural communities, providing skin checks and health talks.


Date TBC, the Tanzanian Society of Dermatologists, will provide a day of screening for people with albinism (PWAs) in Burundi and deliver a talk on how to fight the stigma that PWAs often face.

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